Dr. Ferrer is an experienced platform speaker who inspires, encourages, and educates his audience large and small. He brings over 20 years of medical experience and with his wisdom and expertise, will add value to your meeting, special event, or conference.

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Gustavo Ferrer, M.D.

Dr. Ferrer’s message is a continuing emphasis on the relationship between patient, doctor, and family and its vital place when approaching critical decisions.

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From his past experiences and humble beginnings in the rural eastern mountains of Cuba, Dr. Ferrer brings 20 years of medical knowledge as he works to inspire, encourage, and educate his patients and audiences.

It’s been said that the role of a leader is to keep hope alive. Dr. Ferrer is keeping hope alive for many with his new approaches and his constant striving to learn so that he can teach.”

M. General USA (R) Bernard Loeffke, PhD – President of Helping Others Today

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